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What is Crew Travel Tips?
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What is Crew Travel Tips?
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Due to the Coronavirus Crew Travel Tips is now mostly a place for crew to advertise and search all that crew do. So if you make or do something when you are not flying (Who is right now!) then please join up and support our community!!

What is Crew Travel Tips?
This is a place for airline crew to share their tips for things to do and see when downroute - on a layover, or simply when on holiday.

Airline crew are everywhere always, often they have ventured off the beaten track and have some great travel tips.
Who can use this website?
Airline Crew... can use this website to add and share travel tips to help fellow colleagues around the world enjoy their down time, downroute - or when on holiday.
   They can choose to share their travel tips with just there airline, or with all airlines and public accounts.
Non airline Crew... can use this website to benefit from the collective travel knowledge of this vast network of travel experts.
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